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Disaster Relief

Mounting new challenges and environmental disruptions to the enjoyment of our Earth have helped us to develop longstanding experience as humanitarians with SLS, a FEMA provider.  Most recently in our quest to help our community, it was by chance last year that we were able to begin working as a supplier/buyer for a company known SLS Co, based out of Texas. SLS Co contracts with FEMA for disaster relief all around the world. As supplier for SLS Co, we worked tirelessly with companies such as Lowes and Home Depot to secure materials for disaster relief in Saipan. The project was to build 50 homes to help displaced locals. This humanitarian effort fell right in line with our mission and we developed strong relationships and business connections. Our company was working on these projects up until COVID-19 hit the world. This crisis hits home for Organic Farm Solutions as a virus is what started the company in the first place. We want to be part of the solution! Because of the relationships that we have been able to establish, in addition to our agricultural ventures, we are now in a position that we can supply, FDA and NIOSH certified PPE (personal protective equipment), medical-grade hand sanitizers in high volume during this pandemic. From produce to PPE, we are committed to providing the best possible quality. We are all in this together!