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Agricultural Provider

As part of Organic Farm Solutions, several farms have been established to provide organically-grown, healthy produce for local and surrounding communities. The farms are Saw Mill Mountain I, Saw Mill Mountain II and Saw Mill Mountain III, beautifully nestled in the mountains of Lake Hughes, Ca.


With adaptive and flexible approaches, we can support neighboring businesses with our expertise in Clean GreenTM certified techniques, which is fully embedded into all our farm functions. Brian to include the link to Clean Green in this text : https://cleangreencertified.com/crop-producer/

The national-recognized certifier cultivator and founder of Clean Green Certified, Mr. Van Hook certified Organic Farm Solutions, and so we are using sustainable, natural and organically based practices. Not only are our farming products Clean Green Certified, but we are one of the main experts in our area to help other farmers meet the requirements of the rigorous program.