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So, who are we? We are Organic Farm Solutions, a small veteran and minority-owned family business located in Southern California. Our company has a unique beginning that has been the common thread throughout all of our ventures. Co-founders, Byron and Mina Strickland began the company after personal tragedy led them to finding resources for daughter, Kristina. At the age of six years old, Kristina, a healthy and happy young child, was afflicted by a virus of unknown origin and was diagnosed with Encephalopathy Etiology unknown (brain damage with an unknown cause). This illness caused for Kristina to go into a coma for six long months. Miraculously, Kristina awakened, however, she faced a myriad challenges and setbacks.
In her new life, Kristina battled seizure disorder, swelling of the brain, kidney and liver failure, collapsing of the lungs and leakage of protein from the brain throughout the spine. Though Kristina made it, she did not come through it unscathed. Kristina has permanent brain damage that has left her with decreased motor and speech skills, decreased vision, short-term memory loss, gait deficiencies and ataxia (uncontrollable shaking). Organic Farm Solutions was created as a means of seeking out clean-green organic produce, products and medicines to ensure that risks are reduced for Kristina as well as others.
Both Byron and Mina have deep roots in the business world. Byron started his career with IBM and moved onto Xerox when he finally retired as the western regional general manager of finance marketing. Mina worked at Ricoh/Cannon as a top major account specialist in in the federal, state, education, and medical sectors. search of a way to help her daughter with her ongoing medical challenges. With a combined career history of over sixty years in the business corporate world, the two set out to further expand their education in the culinary arts where producing their own produce and products became a top priority. Our goal is truly seed to sale!